And here’s Carnival again!

February is indeed a happy and colorful month. Carnival is here, with its amazing parades and fun parties everywhere.

Several cities celebrate the occasion fill up with masks and confetti, lights and colors that create a unique and festive atmosphere. The origins of Carnival are ancient and date back to the Roman Saturnalia, which were celebrated in honor of the new year, in addition to the Lupercalia and the Dionysian celebrations.

However, it is highly likely that the word “carnival” derives from the Latin carnem levare, because originally the expression indicated the banquet that was held the day before the start of the meat fasting, or Lent.

Regardless of the origins, many find carnivals a fresh change of pace, thus leading to their popularity and increasing numbers. There are literally hundreds of carnivals across the world, in South America, USA, Spain, India…

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is definitely the biggest on the planet. The modern carnival has its roots back in the 17th century, and has grown to become an event with huge numbers of people and activities. The carnival spectacle, the Samba Parade, provides locals and tourists alike with a parade by the city’s best samba troupes.

Color in Rio de Janeiro

Another world wide famous Carnival is in Venice, Italy. Really different for its costumes worn by participants, which cover their bodies completely, including face masks. The symbolism of the masks is that earlier Venetian civilizations wanted to be treated equally, regardless of social standing or income, so wore masks to be anonymous.

Venice Carnival is a major attraction

Back to South America, let’s take a look at Santa Cruz de Tenerife‘s Carnival, which is closely tied to the Brazilian in many ways. The opening parade is known to pull in huge crowds, climaxing with a huge nighttime celebration.

Around the world in Carnival?

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