You have just reached Snug. Hug it!

After months of thinking, planning, executing and tons of other particular “minor details”, we finally got work done and reached DAY ONE!

We are eager to share SNUG HUG & Co. with the world… and with YOU. We are excited about showing you that we’ve developed a collection meant to fill your days with beauty and time to give it a thought.

Working in home textiles for quite some time and having joy and easefulness in our minds, we created SNUG HUG & Co..

A brand.

A place.

A happier one!

But soon we discovered that we do need more time to be happy. The humble notion that we can make our days much more enjoyable and simpler was a challenge. But now it is a reality. 

Simple care and no need to use your iron will surely help, don’t you agree? Hug this idea!

It’s important you understand that every product we brought to Life was passionately thought about and is the direct relation with the feelings we each have about our homes and what we all bring into them.

You know, for sure, that experiences, taste, what you see, smell or hear will be brought home, don’t you?
So that’s what we did. And that’s all we want to share.

Alongside with our brand’s online shop, where you are able to buy everything we do, want to have and like, you will find an inspirational place where you can read about not only our work, but also about everything that does inspire us: people, places, things, ideas, recipes, you name it!

Welcome to our World! Welcome to Snug Hug & Co.

Snug Hug

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