DIY Craft: clay bowls

We love DIY craft.

Here’s a very easy “recipe” to make lovely bowls which you can use for several purposes. (by


One package of air dry clay in white
Metallic paint
White acrylic paint
Circle cookie cutters or if you don’t have any, use the same-sized bowls to cut out a circle
Rolling pin
A piece of sandpaper
Bowls to shape the clay


1.    Use half of the clay at a time. Sealing the remaining clay to prevent drying.

2.    Using a rolling pin, roll out the clay on a clean, flat surface.

3.    Cut out a circle using cookie cutters or a small bowl.

4.    Mold the clay circle into a bowl and let air dry for 20 minutes.

5.    Carefully, remove the clay bowl from the bowl and let dry completely.

6.    Sand the edges.

7.    Paint the clay bowl in white (or preferred color).

8.    Paint the edges in metallic paint. (or plain constrastic color if you prefer)

Step by step

Easy or… easy?

Let us know the result as soon as you get them done, shall you?

Snug crafting everyone 🙂

Snug Hug

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