Hotel Santa Caterina

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Nearly all the hotels along Italy’s Amalfi Coast send their guests to public beaches. Not so at Hotel Santa Caterina, the region’s original grande dame. It dispatches lucky visitors down a 10-story glass elevator. For a slower approach, a series of steps through cascades of citrus, jasmine, and bougainvillea also brings travelers to sea-level. There, loungers and deck chairs line a saltwater pool, and a further step or two brings guests into the Mediterranean.

A late 19th century liberty style villa immersed in the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi Coast, an elegant seaside residence surrounded by the perennial blue of the Mediterranean sea and sky, by luscious bougainvillea and by lovingly cultivated olive groves and fruit orchards.

The hotel overlooks a large estate that winds its way down the cliffside along a series of scenic natural terraces in the rock face. Guests can use the private elevators or stairs to access the esclusive beach club or the center of Amalfi and the other famed villages along the Amalfi Coast.

Hotel Santa Caterina’s Beach Club is where guests relax, soaking up the Mediterranean sun and swimming in the heated pool filled with sea water.

The hotel is perched above the coast, just steps from the center of the historic marine republic of Amalfi. The location is perfect for day trips and tours of the Amalfi Coast.

A typically Mediterranean dining room and sun-kissed terrace where you can taste our highly acclaimed cuisine at the Restaurant Santa Caterina: traditional dishes with a creative touch.

When lunch rolls around, the club’s Al Mare restaurant serves wood-fired pizza, just-caught seafood, and limoncello on its open-air terrace.


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