The history about each vegetable (part I)

History of vegetables reaches the most distant years of modern humankind, when hunter gatherers exited the Africa and started spreading across entire planet earth. As the birth of modern human civilizations, vegetables were identified as the sourced of great medicinal and nutritional power. Learn hear about entire history of vegetables. (by

Potato history
From the first moment European explorers got their hands on potato, they saw the potentials of the plant that can change the way we eat and practice medicine. After centuries of expansion, potato became one of the most beloved vegetables in the world, and here is the perfect place for you to find out how it managed to do so.

Carrot history
History of carrots spans the last five thousand years and tells the incredible tale of its domestication in the fields of ancient Iran and Afghanistan, expansion to the Egypt and China, popularity in medieval Europe and finally, birth of the common orange carrot in the scientific circles of 17th century Netherlands.

Tomato history
History of the tomato reaches 2500 years to the past, when people of ancient Aztec empire saw its value and integrated it into their lives, medicine and cuisine. Now, this fascinating vegetable represents one of the most popular vegetables in the world that is present in many dishes and diets.

Cucumber history
Here you can witness the history of the vegetable cucumber, fascinating member of the gourd family Cucurbitaceae and its journey through five thousand years of human growth and expansion. With its excellent nutritional values and potential to heal our bodies, this vegetable received popularity that never ceased to rise. Find out more about cucumbers here.

Garlic history
Garlic history spans the period of around 9 thousand years of human progress, growth and expansion across entire world. Here you can find out more about that time garlic spend as our faithful companion, always giving us with its perfect composition of nutrients and medicinal properties. Find more about garlic’s fascinating history here.

Onion history
Onion history started with the earliest times of modern mankind. It helped us to survive with its great dietary value, ease of growth, ability to be stored for hungry periods and incredible medicinal properties. Read more about history of onions right here.

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