The history about each vegetable (part II)

History of vegetables reaches the most distant years of modern humankind, when hunter gatherers exited the Africa and started spreading across entire planet earth. As the birth of modern human civilizations, vegetables were identified as the sourced of great medicinal and nutritional power. Learn hear about entire history of vegetables. (by

Cabbage History

Cabbage history started somewhere in Europe before 1000 BC. Cabbage was first a wild plant (as most of the vegetables that we eat started) but was cultivated in time and used as food since the ancient times by both rich and poor.

Bean History
History of beans is long and interesting. We eat beans since the ancient times when they were a wild plant. After thousands of years of cultivation of this plant, we still eat them in cuisines that are savory and desserts.

Radish History
The first radishes appeared in the Far East and from there spread around the world and into many different variants. They are still popular today, and we eat them as salads and in other cuisines.

Spinach History
Spinach was a highly regarded vegetable since the earliest days by all that grew and consumed it. Today we have cultivated variants that give more leaves, are tastier and are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Zucchini History
Zucchini is a relatively new vegetable on the world scene, but that doesn’t prevent them from being popular and healthy. Its wild ancestors are thousands of years old but what we know as zucchini appeared only a hundred years ago.

Ginger History
Ginger history started in the lush tropical jungles in Southern Asia. Since the ancient times, ginger was an essential spice and medicine. Today it is still used in The East and the West for the same reasons: as food, as a sweet and as a cure for ailments.

Artichoke History
Varieties of artichokes have records of use as a food among the ancient Greeks and Romans. Artichoke can be, at the first glance, a strange choice of food because it is a flower but we have been eating them for thousands of years. It can be prepared in many interesting variants.

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