4-step checklist for a minimalist home (part II)

Yes. Live simply!

Based on the 4 simple basics – remove, tidy, evaluate, restore – here are the kitchen and living room (by encircled.com):

  • Living Room:

1. REMOVE: Remove the couch cushions, gather the blankets, and remove any pillow shams and throw them in the wash while you reorganize.

2. TIDY: Clean off items from any shelves, side tables, benches and coffee tables. When you inevitably find a magazine from 2013, and a candle that burned out months ago, place them in a rubbish pile.

3. EVALUATE: With all decorative accessories and reading materials set aside, reevaluate your living room to make sure that everything is still positioned in a way that makes the most sense for your needs. If you host friends and family frequently, consider rearranging it so that it can best facilitate that.

4. RESTORE: Reposition the room in a way that makes the most sense, but also allows for it to function in a myriad of ways (relaxing, entertaining, working, and even sleeping). Replace your freshly washed linens, arrange your newly consolidated media and book collections, and return accessories to their rightful place.

  • Kitchen:

1. REMOVE: Empty all of your cabinets, shelves and the drawers with no discernible theme. Place every like item with another like item so you can see what you have doubles of (I’m looking at you, spice cupboard). Dry goods together and organized, pots and pans together, and organize your kitchen gadgets.

2. TIDY: With everything out of the cupboards, assess the piles. Get rid of anything that’s past its expiration date, that you no longer use, or only has crumbs remaining.

3. EVALUATE: Once you’ve purged, assess how you like to use your kitchen and take this opportunity to situate it in a way that makes the most sense for you.

4. RESTORE: While the cupboards are still empty, take a moment to wipe down the insides and clean anything that may have spilled. Then, place everything back in its rightful place, or new home, and breathe easy knowing that you’ve only kept exactly what you need.

Be friends with yourself. Keep your Life simple, tidy and happy!


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