4-step checklist for a minimalist home (part I)

We do read a lot about all you can do to live life simpler and in such a way that you always feel good!

There are some rules you can follow, others can be self-made.

Today, we will share some basic principals (by encircled.com) to have your home just where you want it. Four to be exact: remove, tidy, evaluate and restore.

Since you can devide your home in several different rooms, do chose one at a time. Here’s bathroom and bedroom.

  • Bathroom

1. REMOVE: Grab all of your bath linens and throw them in the wash while you tackle the bathroom. First, take everything out from underneath the sink, on top of shelves, and along the edge of the bathtub and set out.

2. TIDY: With everything laid out in front of you, organize items into like piles to see what you have doubles, triples and maybe even quadruples of. Amalgamate any duplicates and throw out empty bottles.

3. EVALUATE: With all the purposeless bottles gone, assess whether or not you really require all the products you have in front of you. Half-used bottles of products you no longer use, or perhaps didn’t even like, can go. Choose your favourite products, the ones you know you’re in a long-term relationship with, and keep only them.

4. RESTORE: Take this opportunity to do a quick clean of your bathroom while everything is out of the way. Hide away items that cause unnecessary clutter under the sink, then decide which products are your most-used items and position them so that they’re easily accessible. Replace your linens and take in your newly minimized bathroom.

  • Bedroom

1. REMOVE: Clear off your bedside table, the top of your dresser, and any shelves. While you’re at it, hang up the clothes that you’ve left sitting on the chair in the corner.

2. TIDY: As you clear clutter, place similar objects together and return any items you’ve hoarded from family and friends.

3. EVALUATE: Your bedroom is an important space that’s meant for rest and relaxation. If there’s any items that are visible in your bedroom that cause you stress, remove them. That book you haven’t read and keep thinking about reading? Place it elsewhere until you’re ready to do so.

4. RESTORE: Return your depleted and refined piles back. Your bedside table should be clutter free, and should only have your necessary items. Also, consider relocating any nonessential technology to another room to lessen distractions.

With these four basic principles you can easily conquer any room in your home. Remember, when you’re deciding between what stays and what goes, it’s perfectly justifiable to keep something that still genuinely brings you joy, despite it not having a purpose.

But just get on and DO IT!

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