Top 6 super fruits for dogs (part II)

Well, remember our last article on this topic?

Today we’ll give you the rest of the Top fruits that will surely make your dog’s life much more healthier!

Take good notice of the remaining 3:

Wolfberries / Goji Berries

Wolfberry owes its common name to the wild canines of the Orient, who adore this delicious and powerfully nutritious fruit. Your own little wolf will be equally eager to experience the flavors of the wolfberry, which are at once fruity, tomato-like, and delicately piney. Also known by its Chinese name goji, wolfberry appears to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, prevent eye disease, and even improve brain function in animals. It can also help modulate a dog’s immune system so he responds to infection in an healthy manner, but doesn’t experience unnecessary fever or inflammation when infection does strike.


Pomegranate fruit has been adored for centuries because of its combination of incredible flavor, balanced nutrition, and often-unexpected medicinal effects. Whole pomegranate is an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants for dogs, and pooches enjoy its taste and texture. But its benefits don’t end there: several studies have found that this ancient fruit can help with heart disease in humans and animals alike. Its natural juices also coat a dog’s teeth with bacteria-fighting compounds that prevent cavities and gum disease. Interestingly, the antioxidants in pomegranate appear to specifically protect animals’ bowels. Given the increasing rates of colon cancer in dogs, it’s prudent to add pomegranate to your pal’s preventative health regimen.

Delicious, beautiful and healthy


Perhaps the queen of local super fruits, blueberries are the strongest antioxidant fruit grown in North America. They contain extremely concentrated antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and actively reduce inflammation. Like cranberries, they hinder the growth of bacteria in an animal’s urinary tract, preventing infections and other common problems. Blueberries can also improve your pup’s brain health – several studies have found they improve mood and mental function in animals. Most dogs enjoy the sweet flavor of blueberries, but others find them too strong. If your companion declines them, he’s more likely to enjoy them in a “stew” made with meat and raw greens.

Ready for a much happier dog at home?


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