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The 1st National Geographic’s “The big sleep awards” 2017 winner, Amanemu , one of the amazing Aman resorts.

Amanemu, perched on the rolling hills of Ise-Shima National Park in southwestern Japan, is a hot-spring sanctuary overlooking the calm waters of Ago Bay.

Amanemu embraces the ancient Japanese bathing tradition of onsen, using nutrient-rich thermal springs to provide a contemplative and restorative retreat set among serene natural surroundings.

Ancient pilgrimage routes wind through forests, and some of Japan’s most sacred shrines are within easy reach – including Geku Shrine, dedicated to the deity of clothing, food and shelter, and Naiku Shrine, devoted to the goddess of the sun.

Surrounded by nature.

The hills above Ago Bay are the serene setting of Amanemu, situated close to the holy Shinto site of Ise Grand Shrine. The UNESCO World Heritage-designated Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails can also be visited. The region’s natural beauty takes centre stage as the seasons change, offering opportunities to discover cultural treasures and witness the pearl rafts and oyster divers in the bay.

Amanemu is set within Ise Shima National Park, a coastal sanctuary with verdant forests, mountains and constantly changing sea views.

The Restaurant, with pearl rafts and forests in sight, focuses on Japanese cuisine, while some Western food is also served. Thanks to the varied microclimates of Mie Prefecture, local suppliers provide delicate fruits such as Nabari melons, an array of vegetables, as well as the renowned Matsusaka beef and a variety of fresh seafood.

Amanemu showcases the region’s gourmet heritage, which dates back centuries and was once known as the breadbasket of the ancient Imperial Court.

Japanese tradition set at the table

Centred on Japan’s centuries-old onsen tradition, the 2,000-square-metre Aman Spa embraces the theme of water. Designed around a large onsen and its natural mineral-rich waters, the Spa also features two private onsen pavilions, a watsu pool, four treatment suites and a fitness centre.

Relax at the SPA.

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