Artificial Christmas Tree

The Christmas parties are surely never the same without the presence of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the corner of the living room.

Well, an artificial Christmas tree is not the same as a real one, some might think, but, in fact, in an era where we all should be ECO friendly and have the moto “save the forest” in mind, why not?

However, purchasing an artificial Christmas tree requires a certain amount of diligence on your part. Here they are!

Things to note when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree:

  • Warranty: Always purchase the best Christmas tree that your budget can afford, and while doing so, always look at the warranty. Some of the trees that have 20 to 25 years of warranty surely ensure that they are well constructed, and are extremely durable. However, as a purchaser, you have to keep the purchase receipt as well as the warranty card with you at all times so as to exercise the need of a warranty in case there are any problems.
  • Space: When you have about 2 to 3 feet of space in your living room for the Christmas tree, there is absolutely no need for you to purchase something bigger than that. So, you need to pay special attention to the space that you have in your house, as well is the height of the ceiling before you purchase a compatible, although artificial Christmas tree.
  • Lighted Christmas tree: You can purchase pre-lit Christmas trees, but the weigh a lot more and cost more than an artificial tree. However, it can save you the hassle of having to decorate your Christmas tree with lighting. If you go for the pre-lit Christmas tree, and ensure that the light bulb ratings stay between 160-200 mA, as it can signify a better longevity for the lightbulbs.
Doesn't it look amazing?
Doesn’t it look amazing?

Get yours: simple, with string lights or even with pines or snow.

With all we should all be baring in mind, isn’t it a great option to help your planet?

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