Before buying a mattress

Buying a new mattress is expensive and daunting, but when you consider you spend almost 16 years of your life in bed this is not the time to compromise.

Mattress facts to consider before you buy:

  • A bed should be 10cm longer than the tallest person who will be sleeping in it, so a king-size is the minimum for someone 6ft or more, and wide enough to allow both partners to lie side by side, hands behind heads, without elbows touching.
  • To check if a mattress is supporting you properly, lie down and slide a hand beneath the small of your back. If your hand fits easily, it’s too soft; not at all, and it’s too firm.
  • The base will affect how the mattress feels. A sprung divan will make a mattress seem softer than a solid divan or slatted base.
  • Sprung and pocket mattresses are padded with fillings including cotton, Lambswool and mohair. Luxurious options, such as cashmere and silk, will mean the finished product is more expensive.
  • Your mattress should last 8-10 years, so invest wisely. Replacing every 8 years is sensible; thinking about its heavy daily usage, even if your old mattress still feels comfortable and supportive, it will have softened over time. It will also be hygienically ready for renewal after 8 years.
  • When choosing a mattress comfort and support is key. Be sure to test the firmness and take in to consideration your sleeping style to ensure you choose a firmness that offers you the correct back support. Your mattress plays a huge part in your health and wellbeing considering you spend around eight hours every night sleeping on it.
  • What’s your sleeping style and what should you buy? Sleeping on your back – medium firm – Back sleepers require support for the lower back, otherwise too much pressure can be put on this area which can result in pain. A medium-firm mattress is the best mattress in this scenario as it offers the support of a firm mattress but also has a softer, more comfortable feel; Sleeping on your front – firm -This sleeping style requires a mattress that can keep the body afloat, rather than sinking into the mattress as this can cause lower back pain. A firm mattress is the best mattress here as it will keep the body in a position where spine alignment is at a minimal; Sleeping on your side – soft – Sleeping on your side allows your spine to relax and therefore takes pressure off of the back, so it’s one of the healthiest ways to sleep. Side sleepers require a softer medium-firm mattress so the spine can rest in its most natural position, allowing the mattress to mould itself to the curves of the body.

And so it is. A few tips to guide your way íf you’re thinking about buying a new mattress.

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