Breakfast: the most important meal of the day!

You have certainly heard time and time again that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Everything starts in the morning (or at the moment you get up) and preferably you want your day to start well. You don’t have to eat the minute you wake up, but try to get something in your stomach within an hour or two.

So “why is breakfast so important”, might you ask.

Nutritionists have been going on for years about how eating breakfast helps stabilize blood sugar, revs metabolism, and can prevent you from devouring a whole box of cookies before lunch. Inspite of several theories (and some controversy) about helping you lose weight, breakfast does hone cognitive performance and supplies extra energy for exercise (no matter what time of day you work out), and can help avoid type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and even heart disease.

Your breakfast should be about the same size, calorically, as your lunch or dinner. Nibbling on a banana doesn’t count as a meal, ok? Every meal should be a happy combo of high-fiber carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. Here’s exactly how it should go:

  • Make half your breakfast high-fiber carbs (50gr)
  • Add a shot of protein (25gr)
  • Finish with fat (about 10gr)
  • Just a little treat of sugar (5gr)

So, you can eat away healthy on your breakfast, especially if you do it at home. You are stressed out because of your children that need to get ready for school? worried about getting to work on time?

Prepare your breakfast table before going to bed, set your alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier and everything will go smoothly.

Chose Snug Hug & Co. tablle linen and breakfast will be even more perfect!

In a few weeks you’ll see that you feel much more healthier and full of energy for the day!

Snug Hugs everyone!

Eat well 🙂

Snug Hug

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