Castello di Reschio

Love Italy? will love it even more after knowing about this place: we present to you Castello di Reschio!

Reschio is a thriving, family-run estate whose history can be traced back to the beginning of the 11th Century.

Count and Countess Antonio Bolza fell in love with what was in 1994 a largely abandoned estate. Under their initial stewardship Reschio became a thriving working family estate with their renowned pureblood Andalusian stud at its heart.

Running the estate and directing of architecture and design has long been in the hands of Antonio’s architect son, Benedikt, who lives on the estate with his wife, Nencia, and their five children.

At the entrance to the estate lies the imposing Castle, which once guarded the Umbrian-Tuscan border. Today it is undergoing restoration and will be transformed into a private hotel. The Tabaccaia di Reschio, at the foot of the hill below the Castle, houses the administrative offices, the ground management team, the architecture and design offices together with the B.B. for Reschio furniture and lighting workshops.

Reschio’s renowned stables and its private Osteria, Enoteca and Bottega can be found beyond the Castle. From there, miles of winding private estate bridleways take you up into Reschio’s hills and valleys where wild boar, deer, porcupine, pheasant, partridge and hare thrive in the ancient oak forests.

The ancient estate of Reschio stretches over thousands of acres of oak forests and olive groves in the Umbrian hills. With one of Europe’s finest stables at its heart, Reschio is home to the Bolza family who, have been restoring its secluded ancient Umbrian farmhouses into masterpieces of contemporary architecture and design, since 1994.

For those who wish to own their own bespoke country retreat, the Bolzas will make available one of the remaining ruined farmsteads for sale. A unique opportunity to work with the estate’s talented architectural team, the finished properties are widely considered to be among the most beautiful, secluded and well-appointed homes in the world. Many of these properties are now available to rent as holiday homes.

But there’s so much to discover…

Beauty and Peace
Wonderful meals in the heart of the estate

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Castello Di Reschio, Umbria, Italy from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

“You will be hard pushed to find a more idyllic, perfect hideaway”
Harper’s Bazaar

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