Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Want some cool new ways to decorate and organize at the same time?

Thanks to paint that dries into a chalkboard finish, your board can be whatever size you desire and placed wherever you like. And all your furniture and walls can also be useful, because you’ll have plenty of surface to have a great helper right in front of you (and all around you!) on your daily life.

Today we’ll leave you a few ideas that perhaps didn’t cross your mind. Or did they?

  • Chalkboard sign

Using a wood round (pre-cut from the craft store) and some chalkboard paint. Does it get easier than this? use your imagination and get it on the sign. Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring, you might have it renewed each season!

DIY chalkboard sign
DIY chalkboard sign
  • Chalkboard wallpaper art

You just need a wall, some chalkboard paint and an inventive spirit. Yes, you can redecorate any room or space and make it look a million dollars!

You won't be needing wallpaper any longer!
You won’t be needing wallpaper any longer!
DIY details will surely make a difference
DIY details will surely make a difference
  • Wall calendar (painted or hanging on the wall)

A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Well, or maybe the kitchen, where you spend more time can come in handy too!. You just need to decide weather you want a monthly or weekly planner and get it done, so you can organise your life much better and, most importantly, never forget what’s important.

Monthly chalkboard hanging calendar
Monthly chalkboard hanging calendar
  • Message center

On a board, on cut and framed squares, on your painted cabinet door or even on an old restored window painted glass, messages won’t surely be missed. Any surface – big or small – which can be painted will do!

You will never forget what's written. And it won't fall off!
You will never forget what’s written. And it won’t fall off!

So, get on to the paint shop, ask for chalkboard paint and run wild!

Snug ideas everyone 🙂







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