Chalkboard paint

If there are great ideas to decorate your home walls differently, chalkboard paint is surely one of them.

With chalkboard paint, you can turn any surface into a blank canvas.

Write on the walls, change the decor, DIY as you really dreamed it would look like. Just because you want a change. Just because you can do it again. Just wipe it off.

Use it on any wall around the house. As an information board for the whole family, for your shopping list or your favourite recipe on the kitchen wall.

As an amusement tool for your children in their own bedrooms, encouriging their creative spirit or even helping them delevop their math skills.

Playing board
playing or studying board

You can use it for plain decor details in your bedroom or bathroom or, even better, in your home furniture, on drawers, vases or jars. In shops, restaurants or bars chalkboard paint is equally useful. Both as decorative and informative.


From top to bottom:

  1. bedroom wall with decorative motives, both chandelier and headboard
  2. bathroom wall with decorative motives; wall and fake mirror.
  3. tea room wall for menus or any necessary information
  4. vases to write on

Isn’t it great to be able to have different looks on your walls as many times you want? it really feels as if you made a decor makeover in an instant, doesn’t it?

Be creative! Have FUN!

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