Coconut oil benefits (part II)

We told you we would come back with some more Coconut oil benefits. Here are a few more.


7. Helps Your Hormones

So many people struggle with imbalanced hormones nowadays. It is because of the food we eat and products we use that are filled with chemicals that imitate certain hormones in our bodies and cause everything to get out of whack.

Well, if you are looking for a natural way to balance your hormones, then consider ingesting more coconut oil. You will be amazed at how healthy fats can actually help get your body back in kilter with itself.

8. Helps with Digestion

Do you struggle with digesting your food properly? It can be quite miserable, can’t it? You no longer have to head to the drug store and purchase over the counter meds to help your food making its way through your system.

Instead, try ingesting more coconut oil. Your body needs to be able to ingest more calcium and magnesium, which is exactly what coconut oil can help you do.

9. Whitens Teeth

We all want a whiter smile, but we don’t always want to use those over the counter products that are expensive and can be harmful to your teeth.

So instead, try either brushing your teeth with coconut oil or swishing coconut oil in your mouth. Oil pulling has many benefits, one is that it does create a whiter smile more naturally.

10. Increases Energy

Because coconut oil is good for your digestion and can rev up your metabolism as well, then it is no wonder that this can actually increase your energy.

But it isn’t one of those energy highs that follows a hard crash. Instead, it gives you a longer boost of energy with no crash involved.

11. Improves Memory

Are you finding it harder to remember certain things? It happens, doesn’t  it? It can be quite difficult to be under a lot of stress and remember everything.

But what if you could use an organic product that actually helped your memory? Well, coconut oil is just that.

12. Prevents Osteoporosis

As many women get older, they battle osteoporosis. This is where your bones become brittle, and they can break easily.

Well, when consuming more coconut oil this can help you to battle this condition as well. According to studies, our bodies have what are called ‘free radicals’ which is one of the leading causes of osteoporosis. When using coconut oil, the antioxidants help rid our bodies of free radicals which in turn helps to avoid osteoporosis.

Hope this was helpful.


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