Decorate Easter eggs with paper napkins

Aren’t they gorgeous!  They only take about five minutes to make, and they turn out gorgeous every single time! Plus they’re so simple; they’re a perfect craft to do with kids!

Decorating Easter eggs is a DIY favorite Easter activity; you have so much creative license and there are so many different ways to dye, color, draw on, stain, embellish, or just plain decorate an Easter egg!

Today we are going to show you a super simple way to decorate an Easter egg that takes less than five minutes. Plus they require zero artistic ability and turn out pretty every single time!

Here’s what you need to decorate an Easter egg with a paper napkin:

  • hardboiled eggs
  • paper napkins with pretty designs on them
  • Sealent (3 parts white household glue / 1 part warm water)
  • a paintbrush

Start by cutting out a section of the napkin that has the design you want to use on it. Cut pretty close to the design; if you leave too much extra white space, it will bunch up on your egg when you glue it down. (Don’t worry if your napkin is textured instead of smooth, you can flatten it all out later!)

Paint a very thin layer of sealent onto the egg.

Then lay the section of napkin on top of the sealed area, and gently smooth the design onto the egg.

If you need a bit more Mod Podge around the edges, just paint another thin layer wherever you need it. Be careful not to get the napkin too wet or it will tear as you smooth it!

Once you have all the edges smoothed out and firmly attached to your egg, set it aside for a few minutes to dry. And you’re done!

Now you have pretty Easter eggs with designs that look like they were painted directly onto the egg!

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