DIY Christmas napkin ideas

Still time to get your DIY skills ON!

Here are some creative DIY projects in Christmas spirit to make your table look even more beautiful. They are easy to make and they look so sweet and so adorable.

Tree shaped napkin rings (by Martha Stewart)

DIY tree shaped napkin holder
DIY tree shaped napkin holder

Materials: Template; Patterned paper; Craft knife or scissors

How to do:

Step 1: Print the template, photocopy at 200 percent, and cut out. Trace onto patterned paper; draw as many outlines as will fit on a sheet.

Step 2: Cut shapes from patterned paper with a craft knife or scissors; cut along dotted lines. Bring ends together, and slide slits into each other to form a ring. Roll up fabric napkin, and slide inside holder.

Fresh plants napkin rings (by Crafthubs)

These napkin rings take very little effort to make; all you need is a bit of twine or string, ribbon, glue (or even clear tape) and some fresh greens (or herbs).

DIY greens (or herbs) napkin rings

Christmas tree napkin fold (by Instructables)

Amazing. Watch the movie!

DIY Mini cranberry wreath place cards (by Sayyes)

Another very simple and yet beautiful idea.

Supplies: Wire, cranberries, scissors, tree trimmings, pen, kraft paper, stamps

How to do:

Step 1: String cranberries onto wire. We used 10 for each mini wreath.

Step 2: Twist the wire around and then add a piece of tree trimmings in the final twist.

Step 3: Twist another piece of tree trimmings onto the other side, securing it with the wire.

Step 4Cut out flag shaped tags from brown kraft paper and stamp names onto each one.

Mini cranberry wreath place cards
Mini cranberry wreath place cards

Have fun!!!!! 🙂





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