DIY Paper snowflakes

Christmas is all about gathering and sharing. But the more you think about it, the more great ideas you want to have to decorate and make everything even more beautiful and magical.

Looking outside your window, feeling Winter coming and snowflakes falling certainly is an inspiration. If you live in a city or town where snow isn’t really a part of your Christmas, you might just want it to make it look snowy too and create your own snowflakes.

Here’s a simple tutorial to make some DIY paper snowflakes to embelish your home, your presents or your Christmas table.

What will you need, a part from a pair of handy hands?

A simple rectangle 12×24 cm of lightweight paper, folded like an accordion, tied with a thread and cropped; white paper glue, that serves to glue the two halves of the snowflake when folded; scissors; some thread;

Now, how to make your wonderful snowflakes?


Paper snowflakes step-by-step

Don’t worry if there are some imprecisions: the final effect is so rich and decorative that you won’t notice if something “didn’t come out right”.

Most importantly, the children will be gratified if you call them out to make these snowflakes with you and share a special Christmas moment making something beautiful!

You can make them any size, tiny or big. You can use either white paper or coloured.

Let your imagination fly and just fell the Snug spirit of the Season!


Snug Hug

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