Don’t stress. It’s bad for your health!

Yes. We live in stressful times. Yes. We are always on the verge of burnout. Yes. There is nothing worse than constantly feeling this feeling.

And yes. There are tricks to help you ease the stress and feel better about yourself, turning what could be a bad day into a pleasant one.

Here are a few ways to help you feel better and not making your way to achieve success, whatever success might mean to you, much more than a stressful journey:

1. Don’t mistake busy for business

Watch your workload and use this simple question for each item on your task list: “Will the effects of accomplishing this task make a positive, lasting impact in my life and the life of the business?” If the answer is no, it’s most likely not worth doing. So step your priorities right and follow a plan.

2. There’s no such thing as self-made—so get good at asking for help

Your success is directly proportionate to your ability to ask for help.Try and find a person that can help you on your daily tasks, either at work or at home. If one isn’t able to help, try another one. And be thankful to all of them!

3. Keep Sunday sacred

There’s a reason world religions have a sacred day of rest—it’s required to maintain health and emotional well-being. It works to take time to do nothing or simply enjoying the pleasures of life. Also, taking off your watch one day a week might help.

4. Mind your adrenals

Stress taps our adrenal glands and causes exhaustion in our bodies—and we often cover it up by drinking more caffeine. Find out which natural ingredients might help your body stop producing cortisol, which is the stress hormone that ages and exhausts us. Be sure to place them in your everyday diet!

5. Meditate (so you don’t have to medicate)

A lot of the world’s most successful people do it. Start by setting your digital timer for five minutes. Then sit comfortably and inhale deeply through your nose for a five count and exhale for another five count. Repeat this over and over until the timer beeps. Increase as you are able.

Snug moments will help you, for sure!
Life is precious!

Follow your heart. And take care of it!

Snug moments everyone 🙂




Snug Hug

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