Eau – Think global, drink local!

We love great ideas and especially those that can help us better the environment and make the World a better place.

Sounds like a cliché? it is not! we truly need to make some changes and there are some issues that really should be on a priority list to get solved, because they are endangering our planet.

EAU is a water brand born from the will and commitment to respond urgently to the serious environmental impact that the use of plastic bottles and all the inherent logistics provoke daily on our Planet. This concern was the genesis in creating EAU, developed with passion since 2010 and embraced by a dedicated team that makes it grow. Each of our customers, in implementing and respecting the best sustainable practices, have a decisive role in the commitment to a better world.

Environmental sustainability:

We have always cared about the environment. Our philosophy has been to provide the best quality water from the most local source, eliminating the need for costly and polluting transportation and packaging. EAU system has been designed specifically to reduce our clients’ impact on the environment.

Transporting pre-bottled water creates a huge negative impact on the environment. Not only the water being transported, creating congestion and pollution, but the issue surrounding plastic packaging waste.

Environmental research as proven reusing to be more efficient than recycling. Therefore the installation of EAU’ system, with reusable designer glass bottles for pure chilled still and sparkling drinking water, has an immediate and dramatic impact the carbon footprint and waste reduction.

Can you resist?

0% carbon footprint. 100% eco friendly.

Stop the use of plastic!



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