Restaurants of the World: Grotta Palazzese’s The Summer Cave

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“Close your eyes… imagine yourself in a vaulted limestone cavern. Now imagine a superb restaurant, with the sealaping at the door.
Our summer cavern restaurant transports you into the splendour of the cave through which the sea breathes and feels or into the upper room with glass for to feel like you have a ship at your disposal all year round.”

And where are we? can you guess?

Well, we are at the Grotta Palazzese‘s Summer Cave Restaurant which is located in a hotel by the same name in Polignano a Mare in the Puglia region of Southern Italy.

The ancient town of Polignano a Mare sits atop a rocky cliff. Over aeons the limestone rocks and the sea have carved out sea caves which wind beneath the streets of the town. Of these caves the largest is the Grotta Pallazzese, which lies at the heart of the hotel, and once belonged to the feudal lord.

There’s no debating that the location is fantastic. The restaurant was carved out of the cliff’s limestone centuries ago by the sea and has hosted elegant dinners at the request of Italian nobility since the 18th century. Today the natural sea cave serves as a summer restaurant – it’s only open from May until October.

The Summer Cave has been voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world by the Fodor travel guide.

It was described in Weekend Magazine: “You will find that the dining room is not only open air but is suspended inside the most famous of these caverns: the Palazzese cavern…so, while you enjoy your beautiful seafood dinner, above and all around you the rocks sparkle and before you lie the boats fishing close to the shore…”

Amazing views
Romantic sunset
Great food

Let’s go or what?

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