Happy mother’s day

All around the world there is a common bond that unites us all women together.

No matter what your color is, no matter which religion you follow or where you live in the world, motherhood is the proof that all women are deeply really the same.

Our feelings, worries and hopes for our children could not be more genuine and we all do share them. Come what may, the most overwhelming feeling in our lives appears the moment you are aware you are going to have a baby and, specially from that miraculous day he or she is or are born.

From that second on, your life changes forever.

You become a mother.

Througout the years you watch your children grow and you will look up to your own mother  in such a way, you will admire her and you will bare in your mind, even if in silence, so many words and wise teachings she passed on to you. And you will then pass them on to your children, hoping they will one day pass them on to their own.

No one says it is easy, but in truth it is the most rewarding task you will ever be given in your entire Life.

So Love your mother, respect her, take care of her and remind yourself everyday how lucky you are to have a mother, or to have had one, and how fortunate you are to get to be one too.

Happy Snug Hugs Special Mums!

Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love
Snug Hug

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