Hello March!

Have you ever wondered about the month of March? Its name? Its origins?

Most people just turn the page of the calendar without even giving it a single thought.

Well, there is a wealth of meaning and rich symbolism behind this magnificent month.

The lion and the lamb

Most people know the old expression that March comes “in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” It’s all about the weather. The month often greets us with a lion’s roar of inclement weather, only to leave us with the gentle lamb-like days of spring warmth and sun. One thing for sure, March is a very changeable month for many climates.

The origins of March

Believe it or not, this month was named after Mars, the ancient Roman God of War. Does that mean this is the best month to go to war? Well, there may actually be a little truth to that.

The month of March or Martius as the ancients called it was not the third month of the Roman calendar, but rather the first month. For these people, Mars represented heroism, conquest, and fighting for country and kin. Homage was paid to Mars during the month with festivals and displays of military might and preparedness. As for modern day warmongering, it’s just a coincidence, but some wars and uprisings ironically were initiated during March. The Vietnam War, the Iraq War, and the protests in Syria all started during the month of March.

The lighter side of march

Before gaining the reputation of warmonger, Mars was known as a god of agriculture and fertility. He was often celebrated along with Ceres, the goddess of grain.

With the month of March comes the arrival of spring and for the ancient Romans (just as for us), it means a time of new growth. Trees and flowers bloom, seedlings are nurtured; fertility among all life is encouraged and celebrated. After all, it’s spring!

So what does this month have to say to you? It’s time to get out there and live!

The energy of this month is all about the transition from rest and reflection to explosive growth and expansion.

Be fertile and plant your own seeds of goals, dreams and wishes.

And be SNUG!

Snug Hug

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