How to keep a tidy home

Who in the world does like to clean?

Truth is that there are just a few who make it a fun job. (yes, it really is a fulltime job, if you don’t get organised!)

No matter what frequency is right for you, this easy guide is designed to help you have a map to follow when you have the time to spruce things up a bit. Whether you’re just spraying down your counters or getting down and dirty with your tile floors, it’s always true that chipping away a little bit every day always makes things a little easier. So I hope this starter guide will help you feel more in control of things at home and help make messes feel less overwhelming. Remember: no one, and no home, is perfect. If you can only get to one of these things on this list, it’s better than none. And it gets you one step closer to feeling like you can come home, drop your bags at the door and feel relaxed and calm.

And here it is. Get things scheduled, follow a few simple steps,  and, most importantly, stick to the schedule.

Every day & once a week
Once a month & once a season

Print these out and leave them where you can be reminded of what needs to be done.

And DO IT!

You’ll see that it does work and that you’ll lead a happier relaxed Life from now on.

Trust us. And let us know how you’re feeling…


Snug Hug

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