How to make jam

So, weekend’s almost here and we do love sharing some Snug conforting tips with you.

Today we’ll talk about how to make a delicious jam.

Jam making is not just for experts. You don’t need fancy equipment to learn how to make jam, just a couple of ingredients and a few nifty tips. It’s a simple pleasure that makes the most of seasonal fruit so that it can be enjoyed for months to come.

Homemade jam makes a brilliant gift, or will sit happily in your cupboard for months, ready and waiting for a buttered sliced of toast. So, if you’ve got a few empty jars and an hour to spare, gather a glut of your favourite fruit and get jamming!

You can pick fruit yourself or buy it when it’s in season (when  it’s at its tastiest and cheapest), and either make a jam there and then, or freeze the fruit ready for another time.

There are plenty of fresh seasonal fruits which you can chose from (such as the ones shown on the header picture!).

Fruit that is slightly underripe will make better jam than softer, sweeter, overripe fruit as it has a higher acidity which lends itself better to the process.

Strawberries or any other seasonal fruits are great to make your jam

We chose strawberry jam, an old time favourite:

Ingredients | 500 g high pectin sugar (jam sugar); 1 vanilla pod; 1 kg ripe strawberries, washed and leafy tops removed

How to make it

Before you start, be sure you sterilize the jars and their lids to get rid of any bacteria.

  1. Halve the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape out the seeds. Put the seeds in a saucepan with the strawberries and the sugar. Mush it up with a potato masher to make a lovely slurry, leaving a few chunky bits of strawberry in there to add a bit of texture.
  2. Place the pan on a medium heat, bring it to the boil then simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn the heat off, carefully skim any foam off the top of the jam then leave it to cool a little. After about 15 minutes, divide the jam between your sterilized jam jars. Leave to cool completely then cover the jars and pop them in the fridge. Once sealed, the jam will keep for about a week.

As simple as this!

Let’s JAM?



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