Hygge for Spring

A home should ALWAYS be cozy (for us SNUG!), no matter the time of year. By now you’ve likely heard of the term “hygge”. It’s basically adding coziness but on a much deeper level: it’s living life in small, beautiful, and simple ways. Here are a few simple ways to bring hygge into your life as we transition into spring.

Bring some flowers home

Spring brings all of the vibrant and colorful flowers.

If you planted bulbs and have daffodils popping up soon then you’re set, but if not, buy some flowers and sprinkle them around your home. Flowers have a lovely way of making a home feel peaceful and overall, sweeter. Artificial flowers are not recommended; real cut flowers have a delicate way of reminding us that life is a gift, moments are to be cherished. We won’t be here together forever.

Plant something

Take the time to plant a small garden, a flower bed, or maybe a cluster of potted succulents. Make it a family affair, name your new plants, and watch them grow. Stepping outside on those early spring mornings to water and tend to your plants gives you a moment to breathe. Working together to care for your plants as a family is a beautiful way to share moments together.

Have a picnic

Enjoy beautiful Spring days outdoors as much as you can. A picnic doesn’t have to be well thought out, or even planned. Grab some chipotle and head to the park, or set the table outside in your backyard.

Take a walk

This one is pretty obvious, but never underestimate the simplicity of a walk.

Open your windows

Sit by a window, bring the fresh Spring air in, grab a cup of coffee, put on a Snug pull and listen to the birds.

Spring fresh air

Hang some twinkle lights

Twinkle lights add a beautiful glow to evenings. Hang a strand in the backyard, above your bed, or in your kitchen window.

Light a candle

All seasons need candlelight. Snuggled on the couch with a movie and your family, or gathered around your outdoor dining table with friends, light a few candles. There is something about how they flicker on a cool spring evening.

Bake something

There is magic in the process, and a huge reward at the end. The smell will waft through your home, making it instantly warm.

Write a letter

Written communication takes a little more thought and time, just enough to slow down your busy day.

Sit outside in the sun and close your eyes

Just soak in the sun for a few minutes. Shut your eyes.

Feels good outside in the sun

Enjoy Spring 🙂


Snug Hug

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