Live Hygge this winter (part I)

Hygge is a way of life, that is embraced in Denmark, where according to various studies, people are happier than anywhere else in the world.  By creating warm, cozy homes, celebrating the season, unplugging from technology, and connecting with loved ones and nature, the Danish have learned to live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

Here are some tips to live Hygge this Winter. And happier ūüôā

1. Sip something hot

In Denmark, the happiest people in the world, bring hot cups of cocoa on the go with them.  They sit down in the evening by the fire and actually enjoy their Cappuccino.  They savor their beverages.  Now, that’s definitely a habit you can adopt.

2. Get outdoors

The Danish spend time outdoors, even in the dead of winter.  It’s very true that days spent time outside make you happier.  Take the time to go on a walk, bread the cold air, build a snowman with the kids, or gaze up at the falling snow.

3. Pamper yourself

Nothing is more relaxing after a brisk winter walk or a busy day at work, than a hot bubble bath in the evening.  Or, what about a foot soak by the fire?  Or, how about a quick manicure while you cuddle up on the couch for a chick flick?

The overall goal is to take care of yourself.  Show yourself some love.  All of which will help you be more balanced and peaceful.

Pamper Yourself!

4. Write your thoughts

The Hygge way of life, involves writing.  Jotting down your thoughts, your memories, or simply what you’re thankful for that day.  Writing allows you to pause in the moment of that day, in the history of your life, and record it.  Writing is a powerful thing, if you think about it.

6. Visit Friends & Family

Danish people maintain close relationships, which makes them happier people.  Knowing that you have the support of friends and family is priceless, and your relationships are invaluable.  So, take the time to visit, plan parties, host a game night or bonfire, and connect with people.

Enjoying? Stay tunned for further tips on Hygge Winter!

Peace and Love everyone. And SNUG moments ūüôā

Snug Hug

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