It is not a new thing, it is in fact something that the Danes have been practicing for years. Hygge, pronounced HUE-gah, hasn’t got a direct translation but is more a description of a feeling and way of life. The closest way it can be described is that feeling you get when the nights start to draw in, you have your cosy cardi on and are snuggled under a blanket (preferably Snug Hug & Co.) watching your favourite show.

You got it? Yep, that is the feeling you want to create all the time.

And how can you bring hygge to your life?

Light candles

This seems to be the most important thing. It seems if you don’t have the correct lighting you cannot have hygge. And you’ll notice that as soon as you light a candle or two you’ll do feel a sense of calm and cosiness. It doesn’t have to be all about the candles, you can have lamps as long as they give off a warm glow- you just want to avoid harsh bright lights.

Cosy up your home

Adding texture automatically makes a room feel cosy doesn’t it? Something the books suggest is creating a nook, a hyggekrog, with cushions and blankets so that you can snuggle up and read a book.

Other ways to create cosiness is to bring nature inside – have plenty of fresh flowers, going on a leaf hunt, arrange pinecones on your window sill – anything that you find beautiful. Wooden objects are also a great pic.

Warm feelings in a cup

Be comfortable

Clothes can also be hyggeligt – think how much you love your cosy knits! So dig out your scarves and get yourself some woolly socks. The idea is to have comfy clothes that you can relax in. Loungewear doesn’t have to be frumpy, you just have to get the look right.

Want to hear some good news? Mum buns are totally hyggeligt!! Hurrah!! Apparently it is the most common ‘do’ in Denmark 🙂

Be more present 

We live in a digital age, one of mobile phone, tvs and laptops. It is so easy to get lost in social media, to neglect each other, and it needs to stop. Introduce a no tech day in your family. Spend the day playing board games, going for long walks, doing things together without distraction.

Indulge in the simple things

Indulge in those things that you may normally deny yourself. Chocolate and milk? that savoury snack you never eat? Well, we believe in everything in moderation though so having a little will stop you craving more and it will make you happy. It is all about being happy.

It isn’t just about allowing the things you’d normally deny, but also making time for things that normally get forgotten.

Hygge together

It is said that hygge is best shared in a small group of people, of 3-4 friends. So organise a night with friends or your brother and sister, get them round for some food and a cosy evening. Cook for them, prepare a nice beautiful table.

Be thankful

It is so important to be thankful for the little things, to see the happy in every day no matter how small.

Now you are certainly ready for Hygge!

Snug Hug

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