Yes: Less is more!

Surely there are only a few people who truly enjoy having to clean their houses every day. But almost everybody loves to have a clean and tidy home at all times. Is that possible?

Of course that having children and pets at home will definitely make it harder, but there are a few tips that will help you out. If not perfect, it will seem perfect.

There are a few things about cleaning your home that you should bear in mind. Things you should never let go uncleaned, not even for a day (ok, if you go on vacation or fall down ill you might). Every day, take a few moments (few!) to get these handful of cleaning tasks done. You’ll see that after some time you will do them on a routine basis and you’ll be happy with the results!

In the kitchen:

  • Don’t let your dishes (and pans) pile up. (forbidden in the rest of the house it goes unsaid)
  • Wipe your counters while you’re cooking. (and when meals are over)
  • Sweep the floor. (you will only need to mop it once a week if you have this done)

In the bedroom:

  • Make your bed before leaving the house.
  • Clean the dust on your nightstand.
  • Let the air get in.

In the bathroom:

  • Wipe your sink.
  • Sweep the floor (again, you will only need to mop it once a week if you do this daily)

Easy, don’t you agree?

For a general tidy and happy look, don’t forget to store clothing and shoes, that sometimes love to be around the house in the wrong places and picking up any naughty toys (children’s or pet’s) that insist to sit in your snug living room couch.

And last, but not least the golden rule: less is more!

Be HAPPY everyone!

Snug Hug

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