Lightbulb terrarium (DIY)

We know you love DIY tips. So today, here is one about how you can make a lightbulb terrarium for your home (by

What you need:

  • Lightbulb vases
  • Air plant
  • Green moss
  • Little rocks
  • White string


1. Make your terrariums.  Divide the rocks up equally and then poured them in.  Then add the moss and air plant.

2. Thread your string through the hole on top of the lightbulb vase. Tie a knot at the end of the string and screw the top back on.

3. Hang your terrariums from the ceiling.  You can use little clear hooks and then tie the string to the hook.

4. If you don’t want to hang them they also look great in a book shelf or even as a book stopper.

You can hang them or you may just want to place them on a shelf
You can hang them or you may just want to place them on a shelf

Easy, dont’ you think?

But you might wonder how long you will keep your lightbulb terrarium, so here is recent discovery to help you really have a terrarium which will last a long time.

The German design studio Nui Studio, took this concept further than any Pinterest board has ever seen by designing a new kind of terrarium that actually does more than just look pretty. The Mygdal plant lamp allows a plant to grow inside it, without the need for direct sunlight or water for an unrestricted amount of time.

Mygdal terrarium
Mygdal terrarium

LEDs supply enough light so the plants inside the terrarium bulb can photosynthesize. Named after the village of Mygdal (which roughly translates to “fertile soil”) in Denmark, the lamp offers a solution both for people who can’t keep plants alive as well as an attractive light source. The lamps are created as both pendants as well as a standing lamps in two different sizes. Regardless of the version, the lamps are made of aluminum and hand-blown glass.

And so it is for the day. Hope you also have great DIY ideas and share them with us as we love to share with you!

Snug moments dear all 🙂



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