Mason Jars

Who hasn’t heard about Mason jars? Surely you have used one for its primary purpose. Or maybe yet you have adventured yourself in transforming one in sometinhg somewhat more useful?

The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason  (1832–1902). Among other common names for them are Ball jars, after Ball Corporation, an early and prolific manufacturer of the jars, fruit jars for a common content and simply glass canning jars reflecting their material.

It was originally used in home canning to preserve food, but over the years, and since it became such a classic, better yet, a vintage piece, there are a zillion ways to use the Mason jar other than canning: as a storage box (for pencils or paper clips), as your bathroom utensils holder (q-tips, toothbrushes or make up remover cotton balls). As a decoration piece or a come in handy useful tool.

Mason Jar flower holder
Mason Jar flower holder

Its cap (available in many different shapes and sizes) is as useful as the glass bottom and  combined together they make such a resourseful pair, with so many fantastic purposes. You can have a coin bank or a Mason jar soap dispenser in your bathroom.

Mason Jar dispenser
Mason Jar dispenser

You can give your kids their favourite milk shake with a straw-cap and you can ultimately use your Mason jar with any kind of liquid and pour it without spilling with the incredible pour cap.

Don't spill your drink Mason Jar cap
Don’t spill your drink Mason Jar cap

Put your imagination working and DIY in 101 ways. You will find further purposes for your Mason jar you would never have imagined.

Imagination at full speed or put aside, rest assured you will love to have a Mason jar in the house. 🙂




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