(Not-so) old fashioned housekeeping tips (part II)

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Vinegar: Vinegar has long been used for good health, preservation of food and cleaning (although, it’s acidic and can easily etch or leave marks on natural stone like marble). For cleaning around the home, try using distilled white vinegar. Simply pour it on a dry cloth and rub it on stainless steel to remove fingerprints or spots. Use this same method to clean the inside of your washing machine and dishwasher, particularly the rubber gaskets and seals. When mixed with water, vinegar makes an excellent cleaning solution for flooring or other surfaces, like glass. Use it as a rinse in your coffee maker to remove oily coffee residue. Vinegar can remove odors too. Try boiling a tablespoon in a pot of water to remove household smells or place an open bowl of vinegar in a stinky cupboard or fridge. Vinegar can also remove sticky residue, like a sticker or tag that won’t come off. You probably remember this from science class: Mixing vinegar with baking soda will produce an effervescent effect and can be a great combination to battle dirty dishes, or works well as a drain unclogger, when followed with boiling hot water down the drain.

Salt: Salt is abrasive and a perfect weapon against caked-on, baked-on grime or grease. Sprinkle it on a cutting board to thoroughly remove debris, or in your mugs to remove coffee or tea stains. Salt is absorbent and can help soak up wine spills or other stains on fabrics or fibers. Use salt to melt ice, or throw some in the wash load to remove sweat stains or remove lime buildup in the sink. Sprinkle salt on a lemon half and use it to scrub and polish copper. In the summertime, you can even sprinkle salt on the windowsill to deter ants.

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Oil + Fats: Both olive and coconut oil have historically been used for a multitude of purposes — think: food, medicine, personal health and beauty. A thin coating of olive oil over your stainless steel refrigerator can help keep off fingerprints. Coconut oil does a great job seasoning your cast iron skillets or BBQ grates. A bit of oil or fat can help unstick a zipper, take the squeak out of a door hinge and makes drawers roll smoothly. A small amount of olive oil on a dry cloth can help polish wood furniture (just add some lemon essential oil, and it’ll smell even better than Pledge). Rub your garden tools with oil to keep them in good condition. Your shoes can look a bit shinier with a homemade oil polish. Coat your measuring cup with oil to prevent sticky substances, like molasses, from sticking. Oils work well for the body as well. Use them as moisturizers for the hair or skin, for treating irritated or cracked skin or for removing makeup. Even sticky Bandaids come off more easily when the adhesive is rubbed with oil.

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