(Not-so) old fashioned housekeeping tips (part I)

Many of our best, most trusted, most effective housekeeping tips are over a century (or more) old? Here are some tried and true old-fashioned housekeeping tips that you’ll want to try in your own home.

Lemons: If you’re already squeezing lemon juice into your ice water, you’ll be happy to know they make for an incredibly versatile cleaning hack. After you squeeze out the juice, toss that leftover peel down the garbage disposal for a quick, refreshing scent. Sprinkle salt on half a lemon and use it to clean and brighten your copper pots, or rub a lemon half over stainless steel or brass to remove spots. You can also toss part of a lemon in a bowl of water and heat it in the microwave to remove caked-on spills and deodorize the inside. The juice of a lemon can help dissolve grease and grime. Even further, the essential oil in lemons is considered to be antibacterial and can be used as an insecticide, or used as a wood furniture polish, and the scent can help make any room smell fresh and clean. You’ll be sure to re-stock your fridge every week.

Lemons do come in handy!

Baking Soda: For baking, gentle cleaning and odor removal, nothing beats the versatility of baking soda. You can easily make cleaning solutions with baking soda and apply it to your sink, bathtub or oven to remove spots and stains. Baking soda easily removes coffee stains from your daily mug and can make glassware brighter. Many find that a bit of baking soda in the laundry helps remove odors and stains. Baking soda is really good at removing odors, so sprinkle it on your carpeting or inside your dishwasher, or place an open jar inside the refrigerator, freezer or closet. You can even use baking soda as a toothpaste and denture cleaner.

Next time we’ll tell you about some more. Stay tunned! 🙂

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