Olive oil uses you probably did not know about

Alongside with the famously acclaimed Spanish, Italian and Greek olive oil, Portugal has also gained some ground and has been expanding its production and receiving more awards for its golden nectar than ever.

But today we are not here to talk about the grandness of Portuguese olive oil, or any other, neither to talk about how many hundred dishes you can cook with it, even though it is a great subject to talk to you about (we will come to that soon!).

And if we are not talking about that, what are we going to write about?

About many different things olive oil is really handy for. Don’t belive it? check it out:

  • Many cleaning standbys, such as ammonia, can dull and even corrode chrome and stainless steel. Olive oil, however, is a safe and effective shining agent.
  • Apply a small amount of olive oil to the nail beds and your cuticules will look amazing.
  • Dab a little under the eyes and rinse off with a washcloth to remove your eye makeup.
  • Your pet will be thankfull too! Add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to your cat’s food to help prevent hair balls.
Amazing uses for this amazing golden liquid
  • Skin says thank you: rub a thin layer over the skin after a shower or a waxing.
  • Rub a thin coat on the base of the candel holder before inserting the candle. It prevents wax from sticking to it and the one that does will peel away easily.
  • No more stuck zippers. Using a Q-tip, apply a drop to lubricate the teeth. The zipper should move up and down freely.
  • Dust on wooden furniture will be gone! Apply a bit of oil to a cloth and wipe.
  • Hate squeaky doors? silence them by ubricating hinges. Apply a small dab to a cloth, then wipe the top of the hinges so that the oil runs down the sides.
  • Use olive oil instead a shaving cream. It will provide a closer shave.

Next time will give you more tips and great uses for your olive oil, ok?

We just want your life to be BETTER and much more SNUG!

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