Organic DIY garden remedies (part II)

Most of the time, simple organic solutions are the best (and cheapest) ways to take care of your plants. Here are some more great ideas to keep your garden healthy.


Make this concentration by mixing one ounce of seaweed into one gallon of water. After you have that solution, just mix three tablespoons of it with one gallon of water whenever you want to spray your plants. It works great as a foliar spray or as a root soak, so choose which is best.


This may sound a little weird, but putting strands of your hair in the garden is actually a really great idea. Just take it straight from the hairbrush and place it among the plants. It wards off animals like raccoons and cats because of the human smell. Also, when it decomposes the hair’s nutrients are great for the soil.

Slug bait

Slugs and snails are notorious for taking over and destroying gardens. A simple solution is just a small saucer of beer. The slugs and snails will be attracted to the smell and then when they crawl up to drink, they’ll drown in the liquid!

Eggshell fertilizer

Eggshells have about 101 uses in gardening, including numerous remedies. If your soil is having a calcium deficiency, then look to eggshells for your solution. You can either blend some up with water and make a spray or put them right in the soil. They’ll decompose and give your plants vital nutrients.

Did you know eggshells are excellent fertilizers?


Take five gallons of water (ap. 19 lt.) and mix in one cup of molasses. Let it sit for a day and then feel free to use it on your plants. This is a great fertilizer that helps your plants stay strong and healthy.

Banana peels

Take banana peels and place them at the bottom of any recent holes you have dug for your plants. Simply put the plant in afterwards and nature will do the rest. The peels will decompose and release potassium into the soil—a nutrient all plants love. Rotten bananas are also said to repel aphids.

Aren’t these DIY tips amazing? you’ll have a beautiful garden in a blink of an eye! 🙂



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