Portugal wins the UEFA Euro 2016

So many times we have talked about portuguese achievements.

This time we are really glad (maybe the word euphoric is better!!!) to grab about this one!

The small country’s team (and many other things that were told about us in the meantime) that nobody expected to be a surprise in the UEFA Euro 2016 has finally brought the cup home, playing their hearts out against the French hosts, which were undoubtedly the favourite team to win in the final. (well, at least they were sure they would win!)

But our portuguese team proved otherwise and showed the world that victory was really possible to achieve. They just had to truly believe in it! and boy, did they believe! And so did we!

Portugal, a 11 milllion people nation and all the Portuguese communities spread around the entire world joined together to support and applaud our coach – Fernando Santos – and our players, namely the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of our Portuguese team, which probably suffered as much as all of us alltogether.

The cup is ours!
The cup is ours!
It felt so good to win! | photo porto.pt
It felt so good to win! | photo porto.pt

It was a hard journey for everyone that followed the event, but we finally made it to the final – for the 2nd time in European Football championships history. Last time we lost at home. Now we won against the French host.

Fernando Santos said from the beginning that he would only return home on the 11th July carrying the cup. And so he kept his promiss.

The victory was hugely celebrated in the 4 corners of the globe and maybe – just maybe – there isn’t any other nation that celebrates its achievements in a better way than we do!

Congrats Portugal! Snug congrats to us all!

And long live football. It brings so many of us together!



Snug Hug

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