Portuguese brands: Josefinas

It has been a while since we last spoke about famous and acclaimed portuguese brands which you already know we are absolutely proud of!

Today we shall talk about another famous brand – this time to fit your feet! – which should be added to the previous ones we’ve talked about, such as Castelbel (soaps and frangrances), Viarco (stationery) or Fepsa (hats)… and Snug Hug & Co.

And so it goes: one day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and Josefinas were born.

This brand reflects dreams, hopes and women! (tomorrow is International Women’s Day, we had to talk about a brand created by women!)

Making handmade shoes had a new name: Josefinas. In Portugal, there is something that has never died: the savoir faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea. ‘Never give up’ has always defined Josefinas’ path.

The name Josefinas was born in honor of Filipa Júlio’s grandmother, the brand’s founder. Grandma Josefina always made Filipa’s life a special adventure, especially when she took her to ballet class.

Lovely handmade ballerina shoes
Lovely handmade ballerina shoes

Along this amazing road they met artisans that have a true passion for their work. These incredible artisans have been working with them in their creations, even in their packaging which is also handmade!.

They crave this idea: that the value of something comes from the work that incredible hands touch – this is the true side of creation. So, when you open one of their boxes, you will open a magical door.

And they truly believe that they should be the door to all this talent, and to tell the world how much better a piece made with time, love and knowledge is.

Through their eyes, you’ll see shoes in a poetic way.

And this poetic dream has already flown to New York City, can you believe it?

Josefinas NYC!
Josefinas NYC!

“We hope that the Josefinas story inspires the path of many other women, straight to the realization of their dreams, just as it inspires us daily!”

Snug Hug

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