S. João (Saint John)

You know we do enjoy talking about everything that’s goes on in our country – Portugal – and everytime there is a festivity, we surely love to tell you all about it and hope you get curious enough to travel here and see it through your own eyes.

Every month is a surprise for tourism all across the country and June is no exception, of course. It is the month of celebrations and festivities for the Popular Saints on the nights of St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter.

St. John (S. João) is celebrated on the night of 23/24. in Porto (and other cities in Portugal) and it has been transformed into this huge event that today lasts a whole month, filled up with ativities, concerts, culture .

The main event itself is the longest night of the year and its enormously vivid celebrations attract thousands of tourists. People go out into the streets eating, drinking and having fun in the old neighbourhoods, that are bedecked with arches, colourful balloons and the aroma of sweet basil (Manjerico).

Thousands of balloons fly up in the sky on St. John’s night!

The festivities last all night long and are really an amazing treat! the old tradition was for revellers to beat each other on the head with a leek (some still do!) but now they use plastic hammers; and besides the firework display at midnight on the River Douro in the centre of Porto, people also release colourful hot air balloons into the sky, making one of the most beautiful spectacles in these popular celebrations. For many, the night ends on the beach, to see the sun rise, and some still follow the tradition of taking an early morning dip in the sea.

Curious or what?

Snug festivities everyone!!!!

Snug Hug

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