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It has been a while since we last spoke about “proud-to-be-portuguese” places.

The Telegraph stated some months ago there are at least 22 reasons to visit Portugal and namely Oporto. Serralves Museum is one of them:

“The most visited museum in Portugal, Serralves is also one of Europe’s most influential contemporary arts museums. Located in Porto, this wonderful exhibition space sits in manicured gardens, which are scattered with works from the likes of Richard Serra and Claes Oldenburg.”

To stimulate public awareness and knowledge of audiences from diverse backgrounds and ages in relation to Contemporary Art, architecture, the landscape and critical issues facing society and its future, in an integrated manner, based on the Foundation’s exceptional heritage assets that include the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Villa and the Park.

The framework for the Museum of Contemporary Art was developed with the creation of the Serralves Foundation in 1989.

Serralves Foundation

In 1991, award-winning architect Álvaro Siza Vieira was commissioned to design the new museum in the grounds of the Serralves Estate. In 1996, construction of the building and the planning of a museographic programme begun. Vicente Todolí was appointed by the Board of the Serralves Foundation as the first Artistic Director, with João Fernandes as Deputy Director.

The Museum was inaugurated on 6 June, 1999 with the exhibition, ‘Circa 1968’. This ground-breaking exhibition, reflecting a radical decade of art making that corresponded with a period of social and political change in Portugal and around the world, was a manifesto of the Museum’s international ambitions and the historical starting point for the Museum´s future collection and artistic programme. In 2003 João Fernandes was appointed Director of the Museum, with Ulrich Loock as Deputy Director. In January 2013, Suzanne Cotter assumed the role of Director.

Through its collection, temporary exhibitions, performance, education and public programmes, publishing initiatives, and national and international collaborations, the Museum fosters the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and culture. Introducing the work of the most important artists working today to diverse publics, strengthening ties with the local community, and encouraging reflection on the relationship between art and the environment that is intrinsic to the context of Serralves, are central to the Museum´s mission.

Let’s go visit?




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