Spring cocktails

Spring really is an amazing season and, consequently, lots of recipes show up in the horizon, using fresh fruit and vegetables, which taste a lot better.

So today, because it is friday, we can already start thinking about some great recipes to do during the weekend.

Taking advantage of fresh fruit will give your recipes much more flavour and nutrients, so you should be informed about what’s on the market, buy it and use it in your menus: lunch recipes, light salads, great veggie food or amazing cocktails.

And this is what we are going to give you: 2 tasty Spring cocktails to cheer you up!

1. Strawberry and Lime Moscato Punch

1.5 liter of Moscato wine
1 can frozen limeade concentrate, (defrosted)
1 cup diced strawberries + 1 cup sliced strawberries
1 sliced lime
2 liters 7 Up


Place 1 cup of diced strawberries and 1/4 cup of limeade in a blender and puree. Run through a strainer to remove most of the seeds.

Pour into a pitcher, add remaining limeade and moscato into the pitcher. Garnish with strawberry and lime slices.

Chill in fridge.

When ready to serve, top each glass with 7 Up.

Moscato Punch
Moscato Punch

2. Raspberry Lemon Drop

1/4 cup fresh raspberries (plus more for garnish)
3-4 ounces Red Berry Vodka
4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (plus lemon slices for garnish)
1/4 cup lemon lime soda
4 tablespoons sugar


Muddle raspberries with sugar. Press through a wire mesh strainer to remove seeds. Press the berries down to release as much juice as possible.

Mix raspberry puree, vodka, soda, lemon juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake to combine.

Pour and serve. Garnish with lemons and raspberries if you wish.

Raspberry Lemon Drop
Raspberry Lemon Drop

Enough for now?

Check out these and more at The Odissey Online, get your fresh fruits going and enjoy!

And have a Snug weekend!!!





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