Stress free Life

Can you imagine what a stress free life could feel like? or is it a fact that you just couldn’t live without it even if you tried?

Even so, we do think that stress is bad for your everyday life, for your health and happiness levels, so here are 5 topics to help you reduce it.

Identify the stressors

This is the number one step and the most important of them all. Identifying the things that stress you out is the first step towards being able to eliminate them. Take a few minutes. Write them down. Which actions, what people, which activities… and see which of them can be eliminated. And do it!


We all do this, of course. But allowing stuff to pile up will stress us out. Find ways to take care of stuff now and keep your inbox and desk clear.

Focus on the important things


Super Heros do not exist and acting as one is a sure way to get stressed out. Trying to control situations and people only serves to increase our anxiety, because in most situations it really doesn’t work. Learning to let go of our need to control others and the situations around us is a major step towards eliminating stress.

Eliminate unnecessary binders

We all have many commitments in our life. Too many sometimes. Work, family, things to do at home, civic, side work, religious, hobbies, online activities and so on. Think about each of them, the amount of stress they provide, and the value you get out of them. Take immediate steps to eliminate the ones that stress you out the most.


Having multiple tasks going on at the same time might seem productive, but it actually slows down our focus on a task and completing it — and stresses us out in the meantime. Learn to single-task.

In the end, the most important thing is that your Life gets better and that you feel good, isn’t it?

Snug stress free days everyone! Vacation is on it’s way, anyway 🙂

Snug Hug

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