Which is the best bed linen?

We have told you about Portuguese brands. Amazing brands that are worldwide known and have grown to be references in their own segment,

Today we thought it would be a great idea to talk to you again about another Portuguese brand: our own Snug Hug & Co.

Is there anything better than to relax after a hard day’s work to make you feel refreshed? It surely will, especially if your bed is dressed up in Snug bed sheets.

Snug Hug & Co, bed presents 3 collections, 2 linen collections and a cotton percale one. Which are they?

SHADOWthe linen collection

Linen fiber appears to be one of the oldest in the world. Apart from being comfortable, it is pleasant to use in any season, because it regulates your body heat, thus protecting you from cold and hot weather. Studies confirm that sleeping in linen textiles helps falling into a deep and refreshing sleep. It is good for your skin, anti-allergic, antibacterial, delicate and soft, especially after several washes.

Linen is the strongest natural fiber in nature, so you can wash it at high temperatures. On the other hand, and since SNUG HUG is environment friendly, we recommend you wash your sheets at a maximum temperature of 40°, without chlorine bleach and gentle tumbler cycle is advised.

Since you do not need to iron your SHADOW collection, you’ll have more time for yourself, your family and friends. Isn’t life perfect in linen?

Shadow | 100% linen

DOUBLE, reversible linen collection

With the same quality of the Shadow collection, also 100% linen, its particularity is that you can change your bed colour as you go along. One day grey, another beige or yet white. Isn’t it amazing? just flip the side of your duvet cover and/or pillowcases and that’s it!

Double | 100% linen | reversible

CLOUDS, the percale collection

Portugal is one of the major importers of cotton in the whole World and, consequently, one of its greater converters.

Cotton is cropped, the fiber is processed yarn is woven thus being transformed into fabric. Neither chemicals nor pesticides are used, so cotton turns out to be soft and snug.

Percale is woven with very thin cotton yarn, which ensures its higher softness and turns it into the finest choice for anyone who loves to choose quality for its bed and feel in cloud 9!

Clouds | 100% cotton percale

What are you waiting for to follow our links and buy some new bed clothing? there are also bedspreads, blankets and beautiful printed pillowcases to add some fun to it 🙂

Check them all out!

Snug Hug

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