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Well, we all want to have everything tidy and clean, but it is also true that cleaning too much may sometimes be harmful.

Possibilities are that you are washing somethings at home you shouldn’t wash as often.

Want to check?

Mirrors: We all want to look good when we look at ourselves in the mirror. However, if you use the half of your cleaning solution for only one or two small fingerprints on your mirror, you are overdoing it. Moisture from humidity or over-spraying can get behind the mirror and harm the backing. So, clean your mirror when there are enough spots to justify the use of the detergent.

Kitchen towels: only wash kitchen towels that experience the most usage around the house. Before tossing your towel in the washer, check its condition. “If there is an unpleasant odor or you notice a stain, wash it. Otherwise leave it for few more days. This way you will cut down the washing a bit and save some time.

Hands: We are a society obsessed with antibacterial soaps, washes, and sanitizers. This can cause other issues like overly dry skin, cracks in the hands, or even resistance to certain bacteria. While it is still crucial to always wash your hands with soap and water after using the restroom and before eating or preparing food, excessive hand washing and hand sanitizer may do more harm than good. Some researchers believe hand sanitizer overuse may be causing children to lose the ability to build up resistance to bacteria.

Carpet: When an accident happens, many people saturate the carpet with a cleaning solution, hoping for the best. But using too much cleanser too often can damage the carpet and will be almost impossible to wash and remove. Over time, this soapy residue will attract dirt and your efforts will be in vain. Instead, use less aggressive products – soap, water, and vinegar.

Wood furniture: Spraying your furniture too often with a wax-based solution can result in a buildup which will attract more dust and dirt. A thin coat of polisher will do the trick—apply it once or twice a month.

Jeans: Jeans should be washed as little as possible and preferably when they are washed take them to your local cleaners to be dry-cleaned. This will ensure a longer life in those designer fit jeans, and you won’t have to struggle quite so much to get them on your second and third wear!

What else are you wondering about being overwashed?

Let us know Snug lovers. We’ll be glad to help out 🙂


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