5 things to do after Christmas

Merry Day After Christmas, friends!

We’re praying your days were filled with joy and precious time spent with family. The day and week after a holiday can be a let down. However, it also presents the best opportunity to get organized, take inventory, and set yourself up for success. Best of all, doing all of the above doesn’t have to take too much time.

Here are 5 things to do the day (or week) after Christmas that we’re guessing will take you less than an hour and pay in unmeasurable dividends when it comes to your budget, state of household, and peace of mind:

Put away 4-5 pieces of decor

Some people take their tree down on December 25th, but we love leaving up our Christmas tree and decor until after New Year’s Day. There’s just something special about the sparkle of lights as you countdown to a new year. However, it’s a good idea to go ahead and start the clean up. Choose 4 or 5 items to stow away or at least organize into one place. You can tuck away your advent wreath and take some of the smaller knick knacks from our kitchen. You may want to leave up your tree with its twinkling lights but take off the ornaments.

Plan your Christmas cash/gift card attack

If Grandma and Grandpa hooked you up with some spending money this year, you need to be smart about making the most of it. The day after Christmas is the perfect day to total your haul and make a concerted effort toward managing it well. Take into consideration your financial situation (pay off that debt, yo!), current needs, and upcoming expenses.

Consolidate & organize your fridge

The delicious dinners and bountiful breakfasts consumed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day might mean your refrigerator is bursting at the seams. Take 15 minutes to pair down large casserole dishes into smaller leftover plasticware. Put items that need to be eaten first toward the front in see through containers so that you remember to fix them before they spoil or you simply forget about them. Spending 10-15 minutes on this task will help you make the most of your holiday grocery budget.

Wash new clothes and declutter drawers

Get a new sweatshirt for Christmas? Kids score some new threads? Rather than wait for weeks to take off the tags and launder them, go ahead and knock out that task today. But first, before you removing the tags try on everything to make sure it fits. Then get down to business washing, drying, and folding the new items. As you put them away, remove items at a 1 to 1 ratio. As a new pair of PJs goes into the drawer, take out a pair that doesn’t fit or has been worn down to donate or pass along to someone else. New jeans means you should remove a pair, too. This simple task will keep you from “growing” out of your storage space. This task might take a few more minutes total, but luckily as your washer and dryer do the heavy lifting for you, you can fit in the other objectives on our checklist.

Enter your receipts

It’s a good idea to clear through your wallet and purse, locating those receipts. Enter them into your budgeting software or checkbook register or whatever you use to manage your money. Double check the bank account, reconciling all of the expenditures.

Lot’s to do this week, right?

And your whole Life will be a lot better opening way to New Year’s Eve!!!!!

Snug Hug

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