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We’ve been to Angkor Wat some time ago, and today we’ll share a comprehensive guide if your planning on travelling to Cambodia. Or maybe you’ll make plans after reading all about it!

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Cambodia is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia. It has a rich history dating as far back as 6,000 B.C., the Bronze Age, and subsequent migration of the Indian religion that formed the Khmer Empire in 802 A.D. until modern explorers discovered it around the early 15th century. Needless to say there are so many things to see, visit, explore and enjoy during your travels in Cambodia. From the antiquities all the way up to the modern attractions, so you can be assured that you will never get board going from place to place.

100 best places to explore in Cambodia? Here are 5:

1. Phnom Penh

Is the name of most populated city of Cambodia located on the bank of Mekong and Tonle sap Rivers. It is also the capital of Cambodia and considered as the economical hub of the country. Large numbers of industries are installed here. The city withholds magnificent buildings and temples (some from the ancient times as well) which adds to its natural beauty.

Phnom Penh

2. National Museum

The museum withholds the terracotta structure of traditional designs. It has the displays of pottery and bronzes from ancient times.

3. Wat Phnom Hill

It was built in 1372, and has height of about 27 meters, and that’s made this hill the tallest religious structure in the city. The interior of the sanctuary has a central altar complex with a large bronze Buddha statue surrounded by other statues, flowers, candles and items of devotion and worship. Wat Phnom is known to be the central point of Phnom Penh and the only hill in town.

Wat Phnom Hill

4. Independence Monument

In 1953 Cambodia gained independence from France and this independence Monument is a symbol of that occasion build to give salute to the patriots who gave their lives for country. This Monument is very interesting place to visit and it is renounce for its peculiar style and unique style.

The independence monument is a symbolic and was built in 1958 which symbolizes the independence that Cambodia gained from France in 1953. The monument has a unique and peculiar style and its importance for the people of Cambodia is doubled as it is a memorial to Cambodian patriots who died for their country.

5. New Central Market

The market gives a view about the country’s local produce. People can also but antiques, textiles, gold and silver jewelry.

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