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Well, you know about our passion to travel and surely you have read about some great destinations, either if their beach destinations or for snow lovers or food experiences or cultural seakers or astonishing landscaping.

Today we are going to share an article about amazing Switzerland, which gathers a few of the above travelling choice reasons, by

If you think there is nothing in Switzerland except snow, chocolate and cuckoo clocks, you are in for a big surprise! Despite its diminutive size (Switzerland has an area of only 41.290 square kilometres), the country offers an amazing wealth of cultures, landscapes and activities. Rugged and mountainous in some parts, serene and leafy in others, it has something for all tastes. It has borders with five countries – Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein – all of which have influenced its language, culture and architecture.

Switzerland is an immaculately clean country; snow, lakes and rivers are pristine and the streets and houses beautifully kept. It is also orderly and organized; trains run on time and official buildings open when they’re supposed to. You’ll need to replenish your wallet frequently: Switzerland is expensive. However, the unique holiday impressions you are likely to take home with you make a visit to Switzerland more than worthwhile. has listed 100 reasons to visit this beautiful country and it is really hard to pick just ONE! But we did…

Painted houses in Stein am Rhein
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For a day trip from the bustle and activity of Zürich, you can’t do much better than visit Stein am Rhein. One of the prettiest villages in a country famed for pretty villages, this little gem – which only has around 300 inhabitants – is probably the best-preserved mediaeval village in Europe. What was originally a tiny fishing village developed into a prosperous trading center in the 11th century, when the Benedictine Abbey of St. George was relocated to the village owing to its strategic position (roads and river intersecting at this point).

Particularly famous for its beautifully frescoed house fronts and its “Rathausplatz” (the square of the old Town Hall), Stein am Rhein lies in the Schaffhausen canton in northern Switzerland, close to the German border. It is around 55 km northeast of Zurich (45 minutes by car, 1 ½ hours by train).

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