Salt is great for…

We all have it at home, it is easy to store and it has more uses than you could figure at a first glance.

You can use it for seasoning or for beauty purposes, right?

But salt is also that white miraculous mineral powder or grains which serve to keep your house tidy and clean and surely you will be surprised with all the things you can do with it around the house.

Here are 5 uses for domestic salt, which will surely come in handy:

  • Floor cleaning

Use a misture of water, salt and vinegar to rub your floor. You will be amazed with the result. It is also great as a desinfectant, preventing from using chemicals for the same purpose.

  • No more humidity

Salt is perfect to prevent mold formation. Place the salt in the humid rooms of the house – inside perspirant bags or 200gr inside a half cut bottle. In 3-4 days humidity shall be gone!

  • Silver shinning

Salt, vinegar and flour will do miracles to your silver (also copper and bronze). If you mix salt, vinegar and a few drops of lemon you can clean your burns pans in a second.

Salt, vinegar and a few drops of lemon are a miracle!
  • No more wine stains

If you place a spoon of salt over a wine stain during 15 min before you clean it with hot water: goodbye stain! It also works with coffee, tea or egg stains.

  • Glass looking brand new

For amazing results with your water, wine or juice glasses, do no longer use dish detergent. Hot water, salt and vinegar will do miracles instead.

Simple, easy and with fantastic results!

Do let us know your results, agreed?

Have a Snug salty weekend guys! 🙂

Snug Hug

2 thoughts on “Salt is great for…

  1. David James says:

    Hi. I know dehumidifiers can get rid of humidity, but I didn’t know that salt could do the same thing. I guess it makes sense, since it is used to absorb moisture out of other things. Will have to give it a try. Thanks

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