Washing pillows, blankets and down (part I)

Although some experts recommend professional dry-cleaning for down and other fluffy bedding items, it is generally safe to wash them, either in the machine on gentle cycle or by hand.


Whether made of natural fibers (such as down) or synthetic materials (often polyester), most pillows can be washed in the machine. They should be cleaned every three to six months to remove mold, bacteria, and odors. Read instructions on the tag to make sure the pillow is not dry-clean only.

It’s best to use a front-loading washer, since pillows tend to float and stay dry in spots in a top-loading machine. Set the machine on the gentlest cycle, using warm water; add a small amount of a mild liquid detergent (powder detergent may leave a residue), then fill the tub loosely with your pillows. Repeat the rinse cycle to remove detergent completely.


Before you wash your blanket shake the blanket outdoors to remove any dust and loose dirt.

If the blanket has not been washed before, test for colorfastness. Use a wet cotton swab to moisten a small section near the edge of the blanket; blot the spot with a clean white cloth. If the color does not bleed onto the cloth, the blanket is safe to wash.

Most cotton blankets and those made of synthetics and blends can be washed in the machine; see the label for instructions. Many other blankets can be washed safely by hand at home — even wool, cashmere, and mohair.

Fill a tub or deep sink with cool water and mild detergent. Then add the blanket, swishing it through the water. Do not use hot water on a wool blanket, or the weave might shrink or warp, causing a wavy surface. Soak the blanket for up to thirty minutes if very soiled. Drain the water and gently press out excess sudsy water. Fill the tub or sink with cool water. Swish the blanket around. Drain, rinse again, and repeat until all the soap is gone and the water is clear.

Your Snug Hug & Co. blanket will always look amazing!

Next time we’ll tell you all about cleaning your down! 🙂

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